Djembé/dundun workshop with Mamady Keïta in Matoto, Conakry, Guinea – January 2002

Stage de djembé/dundun chez Mamady Keïta à Matoto, Conakry, Guinée – Janvier 2002

Fote - Susu word for a white person
Kotedjuga - Malinké jester caste
Fotedjuga - a white jester who plays Malinké music (Michael Moon Bear or Dai Muramoto, e.g.)
Fote - mot de Susu pour un blanc
Kotedjuga - caste de farceur de Malinké
Fotedjuga - un farceur blanc qui joue la musique Malinké (par exemple, Michael Moon Bear ou Dai Muramoto)
(Etymological note: it is commonly believed that Doug Kane and Michael Moon Bear coined this word, but the oral tradition of the Fotedjuga makes documenting this claim difficult.)

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